Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Well it is finally here. Christmas will be here next.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, don't eat too much.

My mother and son are here. My mom cooks most of the food, but I cook the macaroni and cheese and Clarissa and I made the pie. It is apple. She wanted to do the lattice top, it kind of looks sad, but I tasted the filling, ohhh is it good.

We are watching the Parade, and later we are going to watch 'Hanna' later.

I will enjoy today, I have to work tomorrow. But it will be empty there, so I plan to do my work and go home. No Black Friday shopping for me. I don't do that anyway.


Wall-to-wall books said...

I've been watching some Christmas movies. Some I like and some I don't.
Last night I watched "Silver Bells" and it was just OK.
I have 2 recorded to be watched later - "Dear Santa" and "Comfort and Joy" Have you seen either of those?
Oh! and hmmm there was one I watched the other day... Oh yeah "The Road to Christmas" that was pretty good.

busy91 said...

I saw Comfort and Joy years ago, that was OK. I saw Dear Santa the other day. Bad acting!!! LOL! Oh well, it is always a risk with the Christmas movies.