Monday, November 30, 2009

Recently Watched

29th Street (1991)
(from Netflix)
Based on the life of Frank Pesce, an actor who won $6 million in the first New York State Lottery in 1976, this comedy focuses on the tight-knit Italian-American neighborhood in Brooklyn where Pesce grew up. It's also the story of how those gigantic winnings ended up becoming a curse of sorts (a case of "be careful what you wish for").

Frank Pesce is played by Anthony LaPaglia, but the real Frank Pesce plays his brother in this movie. Not a 'Christmas' movie per se, but it opens and ends on Christmas, the rest is flashback.

Where God Left His Shoes (2007)
(from Netflix)
A tight-knit family is forced onto the streets of New York City and into a homeless shelter in this heartfelt Tribeca Film Festival selection from director Salvatore Stabile. With Christmas Eve fast approaching, an ex-boxer is buoyed by the prospect of moving his wife and two children into the relative warmth of a nearby housing project. But first, he'll need a miracle.

DEPRESSING! But very good and well acted. NOT your typical feel good Christmas movie, but if you like real-life grit (not glitzy, life is a bowl of cherries) stories, this one is for you.

Midnight Clear (2007)
(From Netflix)
Stephen Baldwin and K Callan star in this heartfelt tale about despair and the life-altering power of kindness. On Christmas Eve, five small-town residents face loneliness and suicide. But as their lives intersect, they find hope through one another.

DEPRESSING! Why do people think we want to see depressing movies at Christmas, or about Christmas? I want to see elf's jumping around, snowmen talking, Reindeer's flying. Oh well, interesting story, not high on the acting scale, the story had a message which hit home. At least this movie did have a nice ending, it was worth the watch.

Mixed Nuts (1994)
(from Netflix)
Nora Ephron helmed this zany comedy about dysfunctional people, the yuletide and a serial killer at large. Steve Martin stars as Philip, who runs a suicide-prevention hotline staffed by tetchy Mrs. Munchnik and lovesick Catherine. After getting an eviction order on Christmas Eve, the counselors think they've hit bottom -- till they cross paths with an array of wackos, including a psycho St. Nick.

HAHAHA! Funny movie.

It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947)
(from Netflix)
Every year, when the O'Connors leave their lavish New York home to spend Christmas in Florida, hobo Aloysius T. McKeever takes up residence in the house in their absence. But this year, daughter Trudy shows up unexpectedly. Posing as a runaway, she keeps her identity a secret, as does her father when he arrives home. The confusion that follows ensures the O'Connors will never forget this Christmas.

This was a fun movie. Typical Classic screwball comedy, but you feel good afterwards.

The Man Who Came To Dinner (1941)
(from Netflix)
Arrogant lecturer Sheridan Whiteside (Monty Wooley) overstays his welcome in an Ohio family's home in this rollicking adaptation of the hit Broadway play. Whiteside slips on the ice on the way to dinner and finds himself on bed rest in his host's home. He takes advantage of his vantage point and sets himself on fixing the family's problems. The stellar supporting cast includes Bette Davis.

I love Monty Wooley, I will watch anything he is in. This was a really nice movie. The acting was great and to see Bette Davis in a supporting is almost unheard of, but she was great. This would be a movie I'd watch every year. Fun Classic comedy.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2008)
There is no synopsis written about it, so I'll do my best. Henry Winker stars as an uncle who visits his niece. During the plane ride he meets up with a good looking young man who ends up being invited home (to his nieces) for dinner. Winkler plays the matchmaker.

For a Hallmark picture this was really good. Something about Henry Winkler and Christmas movies always makes me laugh, but he is always so good in them.

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