Friday, November 21, 2014

Upcoming Holiday On This Blog

Christmas is almost here and I believe my blog will be possessed by the Christmas Spirit.  I’m sure just about every post will have something to do with the season.  Although December will be super busy for me; no not because of shopping, but because of school and other activities.  We have several make up classes (because of Thanksgiving and Christmas) and on Dec. 23rd, we are having a poetry/short story reading in my school which I am to participate in IF my church doesn’t have rehearsal that night for the Christmas concert on the 24th.  But at least I’ll be able to sort of rest starting on the 22nd because I won’t have to go to work, I take my vacation.  I may have to run around, but I’ll be able to rest up during the day and do the above activities in the evenings.

I haven’t started watching any of the Christmas Movies that are on my DVR! I’ve taped them, but have yet to watch any. I probably won’t get to them all, but I will incorporate them into the Christmas reading (and movie) challenge. I will just have to find the time somewhere.

I have exceeded my projected reading goal for 2014.  I was conservative and put that I would read 60 books.  This was because I was unsure of how much studying my classes would require.  Currently, I’ve read 93 books and with 5 ½ weeks left, I should hit 100 easily.

Next year I think I’ll up it to 70 books; because I’m going into the last year and the work should be light (I graduate in January 2016).  I also have decided to work on my TBR list.  I have the bad habit of adding new books and never going back to read the old.  So my strategy will be any book that is on my list from December 2014 or prior will be considered a book that needs to be read.  I am aiming for 2 of the TBR books a month, which would give me 24 TBR books read.  Currently there are 99 non-Christmas books on the list.  I always delete the Christmas books I don’t read off the list once the season is done.  I estimate I should have between 100-110 books on the TBR list by the end of this year.

OK this will be one of the last non-Christmas posts I will make.  I may post on Thanksgiving or if something major happens but other than that, it is Christmas on my blog!!

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