Monday, November 10, 2014

Law of Attraction Instruction Manual by Chris Toasso

 Rating:  ★★★★

Law of Attraction Instruction Manual: How to Understand the Law of Attraction, Design Your Unique Manifestation Process, and Create the Life You Want by Chris Tomasso is less an instruction manual for the Law of Attraction and more an instruction manual for life. Tomasso pulls from different thoughts on the Law of Attraction and puts them together in a book that is to the point and easy to understand. He references Abraham-Hicks, who by far is one of the most intelligible speakers on the subject.

I have been studying the Law of Attraction for over 15 years, and I’ve read a lot on this subject. I read different books to attain a complete understanding of the topic. I tend to be a tough reviewer on this topic, because I’ve read it all (or at least enough to know what is authentic and helpful, and what is not). This book brings it all together in one place without the confusing information on Quantum Physics. It goes straight to the heart of the topic and lays out the steps one needs to take in order to have this Law work for you and how to functionally use it in your life.

I recommend this book for those beginning to learn about the Law of Attraction. It goes right to the bones. I also recommend this book for those who have been studying it for a while and need that occasional brush up without all the rigmarole.

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