Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Adventures of Funny the Amazing Fish-Bunny by Patrick Connolly

It is rare when one gets to read a book that is both an excellent teaching tool in the academic sense as well as the morality sense. “The Adventures of Funny, the Amazing Fish-Bunny” is one of those books. Patrick Connolly takes the reader on a journey of Funny, the offspring of a father who is a trout and a mother who is a bunny. Of course this makes him different from his peers, and he becomes a victim of bullying. Through the help of a caring teacher, Funny is able to find he has a special talent and that it is his differences that make him extraordinary.

Wrapped inside this morality tale, the reader will find some basic and practical music applications. The story demonstrates the correct way to breathe while singing in order to obtain the best sound. The book also teaches some key information on scales and octaves. Mr. Connolly does this beautifully, and any child will be able to understand and apply it.

It is an easy to read book with some challenging words that will help build a child’s vocabulary. This brings even more of an educational flair to the book without beating us over the head. The discussion topics at the end of the book are broken down into various sections and can be discussed individually or as a whole. The topics include cultural differences, hidden talents and bullying. The fantastic colorful illustrations by Martin Casey are fantastic.

Any child will find something to love about this book.

Mr. C (aka Patrick Connolly) was raised in Dublin, Ireland, where his original singing talent was discovered by his first grade teacher, Mrs. O' Rahilly. After traveling the world's biggest stages with the Riverdance phenomenon, he has found his true home working with the children of Saint Raymond's Parish and Elementary School in the Bronx. He hopes in some way he can discover and encourage the special talents of his children as his own talent once was.

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