Monday, March 12, 2012

Clarissa a few months old (1999)

Clarissa a few months old (1999)
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She's too cute I know. My baby! She'll officially be a teenager on Thursday *SNIFF*

Haven’t written in a while, I’m getting lazy again. Well partly lazy and partly the fact that I cannot post from my job. Anyway stuff has been happening, nothing earth shattering.

My son his home for spring break
My daughter will be 13 in 3 days!!
I start guitar classes again on March 28th

My reading is coming along. I was originally going to go for 85, but I think this will be the year I read the chunkies. I’ve not read anything too big yet, but I’m in the middle of “Clash of Kings”, and I plan to read “Drood”, and “The Godfather”, so that will probably shorten my list. Maybe I’ll amend to 75, we’ll see how it goes.

Here is what I’ve read so far this month.

16. Lives of Musicians - Kathleen Krull
17. The Astonishing Power of Emotions - Esther & Jerry Hicks
18. Sister - Rosamund Lupton
19. Lives of Writers - Kathleen Krull
20. Lives of Artists - Kathleen Krull

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Anne said...

Drood! I was looking at it and looking at it at the library's used book store, intimidated by the sheer size. And now it is gone!