Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reading Challenge Stats & Movie Stats so far this year

So far I've read 4 books this year. My goal is 85.  All of these books
were non-fiction.  I had promised myself that I would not be reading
a lot of non-fiction this year, but all I've read were non-fiction books.

The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan Monica Reinagel
Change Your Brain, Change Your Body Daniel Amen
The Inflamation Syndrome Jack Challem
Confessions of a Reformed Dieter A.J. Rochester

I've watched 21 movies so far this year.

3 Foreign films
2 Theater Movies
7 Documentaries
1 Classic film
7 Recent films
1 80s film

Seems like I am being well rounded. I'm not trying to do it, but it is
good to see I am.  Although I am missing a period piece, but I've
been watching "Downton Abbey-Season 2" which of course is
amazingly good.

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