Monday, December 6, 2010

Recently Watched Christmas Movies

All Mine To Give

The tag line to this movie (If you can see it at the top) says "Six Kids on a True and Wonderful Adventure!" I'm hear to tell you that this tag line is misleading. The movie itself was very good, and it is often cited as a Christmas movie. Here is what this movie is about in my words:

A Scottish couple emigrate to America (Eureka, Wisconsin) in the mid 1800s. They plan to live with the wife's uncle, but find him and his house incenerated when they arrive. They decide to stay and build their own home. Winter is fast approaching and the wife is pregnant with their first kid. The neighbors pitch a hand and get the house built before winter sets in. OK so far so good.

Time passes, the wife has five more children and the father is working as a lumberjack, eventually he owns his own boating business.

Dad dies, mom dies, six kids are left orphaned. The oldest boy makes a promise to his dying mother that he will find good homes for his siblings. He decides to do this on Christmas Eve, when people are the most generous. One by one he gives them away, but as for himself, being a 12 year old, he decides to leave school and follow in his father's footsteps to be a lumberjack, he walks off in the snow alone.

Very Very Very SAD! ACK! Not a feel good Christmas film. But it is a good movie and it is based on a true story, which makes it all the more sad.

La Buche

Noted French screenwriter Daniele Thompson makes her directorial debut with this lighthearted romantic comedy. After the December 21st funeral of Yvette's second husband, she is consoled by the three daughters from her first marriage to Stanislas, a Russian-Jewish violinist. The oldest, Lorba, lives with her father and makes a living by singing ballads in a Russian cabaret, Sonia is a fastidious middle-class housewife, and Yvette's youngest, Milla, is a go-getting businesswoman. As Christmas celebrations gather steam, Louba learns that at age 42, she is unexpectedly pregnant by Gilbert, her married lover of 12 years. Meanwhile, Sonia develops a habit of taking five-finger discounts while shopping, and Milla takes up with a mysterious drifter who lives as a boarder in Stanislas' house. - Jonathan Crow, Rovi

I usually like French films, but I've never seen a French Christmas film. La Buche (The Cake) is a very entertaining film with a lot going on. There are no lulls in this film, it moves at a good pace, although it is somewhat depressing in parts. The overall movie was good, from story-line to the acting. I recommend this film, even if you are not a fan of Foreign film, it is just good.

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TheBookGirl said...

All Mine to Give sounds like something I might like, but just not at Christmas...I like my Christmas movies to be happy, period :)