Monday, October 13, 2014

...countdown to the holidays

It is never too early to start planning what I will watch for Christmas.  Thank goodness for It's a Wonderful Movie blog.

Although we are still in October, so it is all about horror. Unfortunatley, I've seen many of the stuff worth watching.

I prefer the older movies:

Though there have been new ones on my list.  I recently saw a great Netflix instant watch horror movie that I found to be pretty good:
The Awakening

I also saw Oculus which was OK, I was bracing for the worse, but it was not that bad.

On the box front, I've only finished one so far:
Bird Box by Josh Malerman
This is the kind of stuff I like to read, creepy, psychological mind F**ks with an ending that was decent, but could have been better, but it was the kind of ending that leaves it open for possible sequals. 

And one of the best movies (horror or otherwise) I"ve seen in a while.....

Very good retelling or expansion of the story.  Mixing Stoker's story with the whole Vlad the impaler thing.  Not to mention, the lead was pretty hot. 

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