Monday, September 2, 2013


I downloaded the 3M app to read books on my itouch.  I never did it because I have both a kindle and a nook.  But there was a book I wanted to read that for some reason didn't download on either of those.  So I put it on my itouch.  I thought the text would be too small to read, but it turns out it isn't that bad.  I still prefer the bigger e-reader, but for a novella or a book I really want to read, this is a good alternative.

I also decided to get a library card for the Brooklyn Public Library.  It will expand my e-reader choices.  I don't live close to Brooklyn, but it is a 20 minute train ride from my job.  I will have to go only once to activate the card.  I'm thinking of getting a Queens Public Library card too. Again, not that close to Queens, but if I can expand my e-reader choices, it will be worth the one trip in to activate the card.

School is starting for me tomorrow.  I'm in the midst of several books right now.  At least I made it to my yearly goal.  I chose 60 books for this year. I'm glad I did, because if had stayed with my 100 books a year, it most likely would not have happened.

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