Thursday, October 27, 2011

October is Ending

Halloween is on Monday. The month of October flew by.  I haven’t watched as many horror movies as I had hoped, but I did OK.  I did manage to read at least one horror Book too. 

I have a few movies on my DVR to watch, but I have decided that I will delete whatever horror movies I don’t watch.  I had two on there from last year that I watched this year. I only kept them because they were classic movies that hardly ever are shown.  But the other stuff that is on there, is the same old stuff, so if I don’t watch it this October, oh well.

People might wonder why I pick a particular month to watch a particular genre.  Because if I don’t I probably will not watch most of these movies.  I have come to realize after years of doing this, that I would have missed some great things if I didn’t make the effort to seek them out during a pre-determined time period.

November and December are set aside for Holiday movies.  I need a full two months to watch these because there are so many.  And I watch a lot of Christmas (and Thanksgiving) movies every year, and hardly repeat watch anything. I will watch things over and over like “It’s a Wonderful Life” which is my favorite movie, and “Miracle on 34th Street ” and stuff like that.  My daughter also enjoys the Hallmark Christmas movies and wants to watch them with me, so Hallmark is always coming out with new movies all the time for the holidays.  My DVR has more Christmas movies waiting to be watched than anything else, and all but one were recorded this year.  I record them when they come on, it usually starts in September.

My library FINALLY got in “Lost December” by Richard Paul Evans Christmas present to us this year.  It is out a month later than usual, he usually has his books released sometime in October, but this year it is November 1st.  But I’m early on the queue, so I should be one of the first people to get the library copy.  I am also waiting for Glenn Beck’s Christmas book to come out for this year.  This one is called “Snow Angel”.  I’m not a Glenn Beck fan, but his last Christmas book “The Christmas Sweater” was so sweet and wonderful, I’ve decided I will read all of his Christmas books, but nothing else.

I’ve put together a list of Thanksgiving movies. This is by no means all of them, but it is a good start to find new things to watch for a holiday that is usually ignored in the film department:

This link should work. I hope it does.

Nanowrimo starts on Tuesday, November 1st.  I am making an effort this year. Last year I couldn’t be bothered, the year before I started but couldn’t finish. I had no desire, but this year I plan to get to my 50K.

So November posts will be interspersed with Thanksgiving/Christmas stuff and Nano stuff.

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Anne said...

I heard a library book idea last week. I don't know if it works everywhere, but worth passing on:

When the library gets a really hot title, they will often order it in a Large Print version. The waiting list for the Large Print is waaaayyy shorter. So if you can stand reading in Large Print, you will get it faster!