Sunday, September 11, 2011

Movie Review

I watched this movie yesterday.  It is called "Sympathy for Delicious".  Mark Ruffalo has been talking about this movie on Facebook for months.  He plays a Catholic Priest.  A homeless disabled man has the gift of healing.  Although all he really wants is to be healed.  He is given this gift and how he (and others) use it (or abuses it) is the main theme of this movie.  Will he ever realize that his gift can truly be a gift? Selfless and given out of love?

At first I wasn't sure where this movie was going.  It seemed to be an ordinary film, with a pretty extraordinary cast.  I was thinking this was going to be a waste of talent, but I was not disappointed.

I saw some very negative reviews for this movies but looking back I think maybe these people just didn't get it.

I putting this one in my "Catholic Movie" must see lists. However, you don't have to be Catholic or Christian or Religious to enjoy this.

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